Emmanuel's Pastors, Staff, Elders,  Deacons and Soul Care for Women serve the needs of Emmanuel and those in our community.

Meet the Staff

Scott Seaton


Young Lee

Pastor of Community Care

Stephen Bates

Worship and Youth Pastor

Audrey ChAn

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Marissa diaz

Office Administrator and Treasurer

Carlos Dimas

Outreach Director

angela Na

Children's Ministry Director

Meet the Elders

Emmanuel believes strongly in the "priesthood of all believers," the biblical idea that all of us are called and equipped to tend to the spiritual needs of others. We also believe the Scriptures direct churches to elect from their own a group of elders to provide spiritual oversight to the congregation. Individually, elders are responsible to counsel, teach, pray with and for the members of Emmanuel. Collectively, these elders form what Presbyterians call a "Session," which governs a local congregation.
To learn more about the ministry of an elder, please read Qualifications for Elder.

Josh Chang



Steven Wu

Meet the Deacons

At Emmanuel, all members are called to serve the needs of others. At the same time, our deacons will help us to "consider how to spur one another to love and good deeds" (Hebrews 10:24), addressing the physical needs of people in Emmanuel and the broader community.
To learn more about our diaconal ministry, please read Something More In Mind: Diaconal Ministry at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.

Michael Chung (chair)

Nick Caine
Michael Hunter
Thomas Kraemer
Kristine Leiphart
Dave Roberts

Meet the Soul Care for Women Ministry Team

The Soul Care for Women Ministry was created for the women of Emmanuel who would like the counsel and care of another woman. This team consists of godly, gospel-centered women appointed by the Session to help shepherd our congregation by providing prayer, encouragement, and a faithful presence.

 Ministry Team
Pam Dourado (Lead)
Cory Dimas
Robyn Ham
Chris Seaton