Small Groups

Our Small Groups are basic Christian communities

Our Small Groups are basic Christian communities. Believing that nurture and outreach are activities best carried out within the context of community, Smalll Groups are designed to provide that avenue for the development of community at Emmanuel. They are gatherings of approximately 4-12 people meeting in individual’s homes and apartments throughout the city during the week. In our Small Groups, people come to know God and to experience his presence, community is developed and fostered, and people are nurtured, equipped and released for God’s work in the world. They provide an opportunity for intimacy, mutual support, practical love and service, learning about the Christian faith, prayer, and sharing of what we see God doing in our midst. They are led by trained lay-leaders from the congregation who are given on-going support.

Small Groups

We have two type of Small Groups: Community Groups, which are larger mixed-gender groups, and Covenant Groups, which are smaller (5-6) single-gender groups that also focus more on accountability.

Weeknight Community Groups

  • Jim & Janet Presswood, Thomas Burnham (Tues)
  • Carlos Dimas, Alex Castillo, Michael Hunter (in Spanish) (Thurs)
  • Sang & Eleanore Lee

Weekend Community Groups

  • Leo & Iris Wong, Peter Kim, Hong Park (Sun)
  • Kenneth & Emily Riley, Dave & Courtney Roberts (Sun)
  • Wendy Cousler (Sun)

Women's Covenant Groups

  • Mel Chang (Sun)
  • Pam Dourado (Wed)
  • Chris Seaton (Wed)
  • Christina Rawls
  • Karen Wu (Sun)
  • Julie Abraham (Thurs)

Men's Covenant Groups

  • Steve Wu
  • Eric Patterson (Wed)
  • Scott Seaton (Wed)
  • Young Lee

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