Core Values

Gospel Centered

The gospel is the good news of what God has done for us—both in coming to faith in the first place and in every moment thereafter. This gospel alone has the power to transform individuals, relationships, and whole communities. And in a world of ungrace, what will stand out is our being captivated by God’s gracious work in all aspects of our lives. In fact, the only thing our church has to offer the world that it can find nowhere else is grace.

Outward Facing

One of the most remarkable things about Jesus was how much he liked people, whether they were alienated and broken or influential and resourced. Our church is likewise here for others, by demonstrating hospitality, authentic witness, mercy and justice. We will identify with the community we are called to serve, seeking prosperity and peace across its diverse cultural, social and economic landscape. Our dependence on grace means we will appreciate and respect others for who they are, while extending the promise of the gospel to change us into what we can become.

Organic Ministry

The Church is a living body of interrelated parts, not a static institution. We will therefore encourage members to develop their God-given talents in community with others. We want to see a church where ministry develops naturally, without being forced or contrived. In this, our church will seek to live on the edge between creativity and order. Within a context of shared vision and values, we will encourage initiative and innovation as we seek to build up the body of Christ and the community around us.

Depth & Substance

We are committed to ever increasing depth and substance in all aspects of life, relationships and ministry. The Christian life is to be a continual discovery of the greatness of God and our delight in him, and so we will help members develop a God-ward life. We will similarly pursue thoughtfulness and depth in ministry that can address real-life challenges and competing loyalties. In this pursuit, we value intellectual integrity, not merely to inform the mind but to transform the heart.

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