Ministry teams

Emmanuel's Ministry Teams serve the needs of Emmanuel and those in our community. We have several ministry needs and opportunities to get involved. You can fill out the Keeping Connected card and place it in the offering plate or stop by the Info Table on Sunday if you'd like to help out. You may also contact the church office.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English as a Second Language Program (ESL) at Emmanuel serves from a belief of God’s love for all people from every nation. We believe God wants us to help our neighbors learn English, American culture, and the basics of our Christian faith. We are also interested in learning more about different cultures and backgrounds as well. The ESL program includes structured classroom training for learning English and culture at the intermediate level, a citizenship preparation class for permanent residents working toward their citizenship, and the Coffee and Conversation program which gives opportunities for students to practice their English with various partners by discussing different topics each week.

Children's Ministry

Emmanuel places a high priority on discipling our covenant children through various ministries. We want children to experience the amazing love of God in Christ and the forgiveness that can only be found on the cross. We want to not only partner with families who are building a solid foundation in Christ for their children, but also partner with families who may not believe, but have children who are open to the gospel. Our curricula are Bible- based and our goal is teaching that is intentional, loving, age-appropriate and most importantly, Christ-centered.


We desire our church to be more than a collection of Christians who choose to worship together weekly. We desire it to be a place people experience and contribute to authentic, Christ-centered community — where people can know and be known by others in deep and meaningful ways. We believe the gospel has the power to bring individuals from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds together into relationships that transform lives, cities, and the world. The Community Formation Team hopes to facilitate numerous paths through which both newcomers and members can develop and deepen relationships with others that reflect God's design for his body, which "grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."

Mercy Ministry

Emmanuel’s Mercy Ministry focuses on serving our neighbors in Arlington through a variety of service opportunities. Our Mercy Ministry work is dedicated to loving our neighbors as ourselves. Through Mercy Ministry, God's grace and mercy are powerfully demonstrated as His people serve others who are in need in a variety of ways throughout Arlington. Our ministry is focused on serving the needs of the community we live in and being followers of Christ.


Emmanuel desires to help the Good News spread to every corner of the globe. In so doing, we believe the Church is God’s primary means of extending his kingdom, and we will partner with ministries most closely aligned with our core values. We desire to support and encourage those in our church already involved in cross-cultural or bilingual ministries, whether here in Arlington or overseas. We also seek to build "here-there" relationships with immigrant communities in Arlington that connect with our overseas partnerships. Missions opportunities include prayer gatherings, partnership with the PCA’s Mission to the World (MTW), and ministry with local area churches.


Emmanuel is committed to providing a safe and nurturing Christian environment for every child in our congregation (birth through three years of age). The parents of the church are primarily responsible under God to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord. Our role in the nursery is to support and encourage the ministry of the parents by faithfully teaching God’s Word and modeling genuine Christianity for the children in our care. Accordingly, our caregivers must commit to loving our children as Christ loves them, and model genuine Christianity. Upon joining Emmanuel, members are asked to serve occasionally in our nursery, as a practical expression of our commitment to serve each other. If there are emotional for physical reasons you’d prefer not to serve, please know we completely understand and will not add you to the nursery rotation.


In order to have Sunday services run as smoothly as possible, a good working relationship with Rivendell is crucial. There are many behind the scene details that most people are unaware of and include setting up the elements for communion, making sure the rooms are set up for use and dealing with unexpected situations. It is also a time of interacting with Rivendell faculty and  staff and exhibiting to them the love of Jesus.


Emmanuel’s outreach focuses on creating opportunities for getting involved with those around us in our everyday lives in a way that encourages others to seek to know God and/or know more of him. We desire to be the outward-facing Body of Christ. Outreach events are designed to provide opportunities to invite others — be they friends, colleagues, or neighbors — to fun social events, allowing folks to be comfortable and have fun as they explore the gospel.

Small Groups

The life of Emmanuel extends beyond the Sunday worship service. We desire our members to develop intimate and long-lasting relationships with one another as they grow in understanding of God’s presence. Community groups are a great way to establish deeper relationships and to support one another through prayer, learning God’s Word, and sharing in one another’s life. These groups consist of gatherings of approximately 6-14 people meeting in individual’s homes and apartments during the week. The groups also engage in service by volunteering in local projects and by periodically hosting (e.g., greeting, serving communion) Sunday morning worship. They are led by trained lay-leaders from the congregation who are given on-going support. The community group leader serves in a shepherding capacity, and is in many ways the primary “pastor” in our church. We also desire to grow our church leaders from within the community groups, as a kind of internship for church-wide shepherding.

Women's Ministry

As women, we live in a fragmented and hurried city, in a rootless and transient culture. Our desire is that Christ would be honored and the gospel of grace would change us, because it's the only thing that can. Emmanuel’s Women’s Ministry exists to connect women — in every season of life, from every situation in life — to God, to the church, to each other, and to the community around us for the purpose of growing deeper in our personal and corporate relationship with God.


The worship ministry of Emmanuel seeks to nourish a vibrant community of musicians, artists, poets, and others who desire to worship the Creator and serve the church body with their creative gifts. As such, we encourage members to view artistic creativity as one avenue through which we may worship and give praise to our heavenly Father. Specifically, we welcome instrumentalists and vocalists, both solo and ensemble players, who are interested in contributing to Sunday morning worship. Additionally, we encourage those with gifts in songwriting, composing, or poetry to contribute original material with a view to building up the body of Christ. Finally, we welcome those with technical skills related to live sound production.

Ministry Opportunties

If you would like to get involved with one of our ministries, please fill out this form. Someone will contact you shortly.