Supported missionaries

Emmanuel is committed to helping share the good news of God’s grace in needy areas around the world. In that effort, we believe the local church is God’s primary means of extending his kingdom. Thus, we want to see churches established that are gospel centered, led by nationals with biblical and indigenous forms of ministry, and committed to ministries of Word and deed. So that we can deepen our commitment to prayer, giving, communication, and participation, Emmanuel focuses our efforts on a few key partnerships in Africa, Europe, South America and the Muslim World.


Imbumi and Martha Makuku
Pastor Imbumi and Martha Makuku are national Kenyans who minister in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Kibera is one of the largest slums in the world, with about 500,000 people living in approximately one square mile. The average income is $1 per day, and the life expectancy is 47 years. One person in three is HIV-positive. Pastor Imbumi and Martha began the Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church in 2002, and focus on several areas of ministry. First is his passion for preaching the truth of the Gospel in a vibrant worship service each Sunday. Since the youngest members of a society are frequently the primary victims of poverty and AIDS, the church reaches out to the children in these ways:
  • Shunem Girls' shelter - This is a home for girls who are coming out of extremely negligent, abusive, and dangerous situations.
  • The Kibera School - About 100 children are enrolled in pre-school through 5th grade. Part of their education includes a nutritious, hot meal each day.
  • Shelter for 7 homeless teenage boys at the church from dangerous dysfunctional situations.


Alex and Suzanne Sarran
The Sarrans and their six children are planting a church in Lyon, France under Global Outreach Mission and in partnership with Mission to the World, as well as the French Reformed Evangelical denomination. Alex preaches, leads services and Bible studies, makes pastoral visits, and organizes youth events and other outreach efforts. Suzanne is involved in relational evangelism, leads women's Bible studies, and exercises her gift of hospitality. The Sarrans try to draw the best from their rich Franco-Americano-Scottish background and ask you to pray for the Gospel to take root in the rocky soil of France.

Muslim World

Edward Ayub / Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh
Bangladesh is not only the fourth largest Muslim country in the world, it is also home to a growing community of Christians, including the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh (PCB). Pastor Edward Ayub helps provide leadership to the PCB, and his passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and church planting is contagious. Born into a Muslim home, drawn to Christ through the self-sacrificing testimony of Asian believers, trained in theology and working within the Christian community in Bangladesh, Ayub has a simple vision: to establish a church planting movement among the Muslim peoples of his homeland. To date, several churches have been started, all led by national pastors.

Planting biblical, vibrant and indigenous churches is the primary ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Bangladesh. Other ministries that support this vision include:  
  • Promotion of law, justice and human rights among persecuted minority groups
  • Training and support of national pastors
  • Mercy ministries to respond to natural disasters and health care needs
  • Community service through starting schools in impoverished areas

North Africa Supported Missionary
The identity of these missionaries are kept confidential for security and safety reasons. These missionaries have worked in Western Europe and most recently in North Africa in order to establish multicultural church plants, minister to mercy needs of the community, and to recruit others to help with the exciting work in this region of the world.

Metropolitan DC

Matt and Renee McCrory
George Mason University is the largest university in Virginia with a very small population of students involved in evangelical ministry. Not only that, but students from over 120 different countries attend GMU, providing an incredible opportunity to truly "make disciples of all nations." Staff workers and Emmanuel members, Matt and Renee McCrory, began planting George Mason InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus in the fall of 2013 and already the Lord has brought students from Ecuador, Indonesia, and the United States, to new life in Christ. Matt and Renee spend their time on campus equipping students to start and lead missional bible studies, where discipleship and witness go hand-in-hand.

Ministry to State
Washington, D.C. is a city filled with people seeking the welfare of their communities, the nation, and the world. It is a city bearing marks of God's original affirmation, yet as a result of the Fall, it is also a city that is divided, distrusting, and spiritually searching. Ministry to State exists to minister to those serving in government with the transforming truths of the gospel. Robert Hasler has served with MTS since June 2019 and engages Capitol Hill staffers with the gospel through regular Bible studies, evangelism, and discipleship.

RUF at Howard University
More than just a ministry on the university campus, RUF seeks to be a ministry for the university. RUF strives to serve in this unique stage of a student’s life in the world they live in, exploring together how the Lordship of Christ informs every area of life. RUF at Howard University launched in 2019 through the leadership of Cyril Chavis.


Our missions ministry team meets bi-monthly, for updates, prayer and planning.
For information on our next meeting, please contact Carole Corkran.