Prayer is the conversation that God has started through his Word and his grace, an encounter with the living God.

“Much of our holy discontent is born of a life that is suffering  from the agony of prayerlessness." - Mark Sayers

Congregational Application of the Practice

Commit to praying for 30 days for our local church, our neighborhood, and the flourishing of the gospel.

Prayer Resources

A Praying Life: Prayer is hard. Often, unless circumstances demand it―such as an illness or saying grace before a meal―most of us simply do not pray. This kind of prayerlessness can leave us with a distressed spirit and practical unbelief characterized by fear, anxiety, joylessness, and spiritual depression. When Jesus describes the intimacy that He seeks with us, He talks about joining us for dinner (Revelation 3:20). This book reminds readers that prayer is simply making conversation with God a rhythm of life.
Canyon Road: An exquisitely designed treasury of over 300 spirit-provoking prayers, Canyon Road: A Book of Prayer offers a striking array of possibilities to stimulate your spiritual and creative life. With its pristine introductions to sixteen types of prayer, Canyon Road invites you to experience God’s presence as you cultivate the art of prayer.
The Daily Prayer Project  is a movement that exists to animate the life of prayer through the manifold beauty of the church. We connect and unify Christians by resourcing them with daily prayers, practices, music from the global-historical church, and visual art of spiritual and artistic value.