Fasting is not eating food in order to cultivate a hunger for God.

“Man is a hungry being. But he is hungry for God. Behind all the hunger of our life is God. All desire is finally a desire for Him
.’” -Alexander Shchemann

Congregational Application of the Practice

Disclaimer: If you are one of the 30 million men or women in America who struggle with an eating disorder,  a fast may not be helpful in your apprentice to Jesus. We would be privileged to walk with you if this is part of your story.

We'd encourage people new to fasting to start small: skip one meal and replace with prayer or fellowship. 

Fasting Resources

 In Fasting, Dr. Scot McKnight reconnects the spiritual and the physical through the discipline of fasting. The act of fasting, he argues, should not be focused on results or used as a manipulative tool. It's a practice to be used in response to sacred moments, just as it has in the lives of God's people throughout history.
The modern world is a machine of a thousand invisible habits, forming us into anxious, busy, and depressed people. We yearn for the freedom and peace of the gospel, but remain addicted to our technology, shackled by our screens, and exhausted by our routines. But because our habits are the water we swim in, they are almost invisible to us. In The Common Rule, Justin Earely provides concrete practices, following the path of Jesus, including fasting.