Mission Statement

Family Ministry at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church seeks to engage, foster, and encourage growth in the knowledge and never ending love of Jesus.

Gospel Centered
Where children and youth not only learn about the transforming grace found through the gospel, but also learn how to apply that grace to all aspects of their lives.

Outward Facing
Christ's love and grace is the impetus for encouraging Emmanuel's children and youth to form the habits of loving and serving others.

Organic Ministry
Family Ministry at Emmanuel is not static, there is flexibility, with ministry decisions developing naturally. The Bible, observation, prayer, feedback, and discernment are tools used to find the balance between creativity and order... all within the context of equipping families in their growth and full devotion to Jesus Christ.  

Depth and Substance
Where each child and student grows in the foundational knowledge of scriptural truth, the depths of God's love, and the joy of worship while learning how to live out their faith in everyday life.