“Evangelism can look like Jesus speaking to Zacchaeus—simply taking a step towards someone as Christ pursued you
.’” -Jerram Barrs

Congregational Application of the Practice

Please pray for 3 individuals who do not yet know the Lord or are far from the Lord. Pray that the Gospel will become real to them and consider inviting them to Emmanuel’s Easter service ( April 17th, 8:30 & 10:30).

Evangelism Resources

Studying Jesus's conversations with diverse people in his day, Jerram Barrs draws lessons communicating the gospel to unbelievers in our day.
Living in a post-Christian culture tempt to retreat, to be silent. But Jesus showed the way to live faithfully.  As the greatest evangelist, Jesus exemplified how to attract people to the gospel. He modeled how to initiate spiritual conversations full of grace and truth. Christian evangelism, then, both in theory and practice, must be shaped by his pattern throughout history.
Michael Green's Evangelism in the Early Church provides a comprehensive look at the ways the first Christians -- from the New Testament period up until the middle of the third century -- worked to spread the good news to the rest of the world. In describing life in the early church, Green explores crucial aspects of the evangelistic task that have direct relevance for similar work today, including methods, motives, and strategies. He assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the evangelistic approaches used by the earliest Christians, and he also considers the obstacles to evangelism, using outreach to Gentiles and to Jews as examples of differing contexts for proclamation.